Friday, June 4, 2010

...Mothers First Challenge!

Whew! This potty training stuff is hard core! I told Sean that it's my first challenge as a mom. I've definitely wanted to give in a few times! We're doing the "Potty Queen's" 3 day potty training method. It's hard core focus for 3 days - no distractions - no turning back! No more size 4 diapers in this house! All big girl panties! Yesterday was the first day. Approximately 25 accidents (but she told me as soon as she started to pee) and 2 successful pottys. Bed time was good - 1 accident before she fell asleep and 1 accident at midnight. Then she went from midnight to 8am! No potty! And still no potty until 10 am this morning! This child has good bladder control.

Today I have noted progress...Approximately 12 accidents (now she is telling me as she runs to the potty), 2 successful pottys, and 1 successful poo poo! Whew...

Thank goodness Addy Bug is having some quality "GG" time until Sunday! Pray for continued sanity on my part and continued amazing progress on Mckynzye's part! I'll keep you posted on day 3! We'll see if the "Potty Queen" makes me a believer in her 3 day training!

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