Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Front Seat to God's Work

ILOVE church! But man, who knew that today would be...umm...I'm speechless. It was like having a front seat to the most amazing movie ever. I've never witnessed God working in such an obvious way! Indescribable! Awesome worship, awesome message - check it out - AWESOME response to the Call of Christ! Over 250 people GOT WET today! Some scheduled and some not at all! They just felt the call! The church had t-shirts made, black mesh shorts, and even extra underwear for those who had not scheduled their baptism. 100 was the goal but over 250 was a GOD thing! ...still gives me chills! Congrats to Kyle who was a part of it all, totally unscheduled! When God pulls at your heart it's hard to ignore! Lives were changed...baptized or just a witness. I've never seen my husband cry that hard before, except maybe at the end of Marley and Me :) (love you hubs!) It takes a lot for him to get emotional and I loved seeing it. I love that we found Traders Point. I love that it has made such a huge impact on our family and we love calling it home. I love that we love it together. And I love that we witnessed this God movement together.

Thank you God for your amazing work! Can't wait to see what's to come!

Great Great Weekend!

Conner Prairie with just our family. Art Festival with Nana. And Church!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

School Time!

Well we're in full swing routine! Preschool, MOPS, and lots of other fall activities. Mckynzye is LOVING preschool! Every day she has more and more to say. Today she told me they went PE with Mrs. Potts, sang songs, clapped hands, did a craft and counted, and scooped and poured noodles (played with pasta). She had her first accident in class - came out wearing a different outfit than I put on this AM. Snack today was cookies and juice boxes. Umm, this mom has NOT introduced the juice box and for good reason! Just like today! :) Well next week is Mckynzye's big week. She is snack person! We've got to find special snacks and she gets to be the big helper all day and even take in 'show-n-tell'! Stay tuned for her big day!

Oh and "The Bug". She's just tagging along like a good 2nd child :) She doesn't care much for the car rides back and forth all the time and is ready to move to Walker Farms so it's much shorter distance. She had a big week last week. Besides popping through 4 teeth in a matter of weeks she has learned to clapper her hands, shake her head no, dance, and say momma. Although she only says momma when she's upset.

They are two beautiful blessings :) Pray for me as Sean's busy season kicks in...long long days for me and the girls.

Here are some of my latest favorite pictures!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Addy's first words

Addy woke up this morning saying Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad and never stopped all day long! It is so(see facebook for video) adorable! I'm glad she was such a happy baby today despite the 2 bottom teeth that just poked through last week and the two top teeth that are about to poke through any day. Ugg, poor girl! But always a happy bug!

Potty training round #2 for Mckynzye. This is the last try before preschool starts at the end of the month. Not such a good day. She is more stubborn than she was in early June. Very independent and wants no help at all with her big girl panties...At least she's potty training in style. Big girl panties and high heels! Can't wait to finally get her trained! Such an exhausting process!

We're so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy, always happy girls. Thanks you Lord for our special gifts!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Grown Up...kinda

Today I finished Mckynzye's 2nd birthday video...oh how time flies! I can't believe she will be 2 years old in a couple weeks. It's amazing how much they grow during the first year...but man, I think they grow even more the second year! She is now starting to put together full sentences (in her language of course). Just a few examples...

"Mcky buckle daddy." (Sean was putting his belt on this AM and she wanted to help)

"Mcky very eat." (She was very hungry for breakfast)

"Woah baby. Mcky dall down!" (Whoa baby - Mckynzye fall down!)

She dipped her finger in her yogurt and said "Mcky bite finger - Yum"

"Mcky play park swim Addy wake." (Mckynzye play at the park and swim after Addy wakes up)

Anyways, you get the idea. She will tell you exactly what she wants - and for the most part you can understand it, which I find amazing for an almost 2 year old.

And Addy...well she's being Addy. Taking her sweet lil time at everything. We're on baby food now. She loves veggies, but so far has hated her bananas and peaches. Weird child. Still not sitting up either...She's happy rolling around on the floor playing with her toes!

I love them!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Perfect Summer Day

This morning when I got the girls out of bed I told Mckynzye "Today we are going to do something special." Even though I had no idea what we were going to do :) After breakfast Mckynzye looked at me and said "Momma, somefing special YeSS!" She was so excited! So I told her we were going to a new park to have a picnic and play. West Park in Carmel is our new favorite hang out! Lots of playing, swinging, eating, and splashing around at the splash park! So much that we decided to go back in the evening with the whole family, including the dogs! Steaks, cheesy bacon potatoes, fruit salad, rolls - YUM! What a B-E-A-utiful day! Perfect weather, perfect plan, perfect day! Thank you God for all the beauty!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Family Tornado

Ugg! I'm so tired of these storms! And why in the middle of the night. I'm up watching the news half the night and its hard going on 3-4 hrs of sleep! Last night was our first real adventure and we actually 'acted' on our plan. Usually we get up and watch the news until the satellite goes out, and then we pace back and forth wondering if its really bad enough to get the girls out of bed. Well last night at 3:15 am the tornado warning was headed right our way, so Sean grabbed the dogs (or Nala would be buried in our bedroom closet and never come out!), and I grabbed the girls (and Scary Cat of course). We met in the downstairs bathroom which was entertaining in itself. Family of four + 2 dogs in a 4x2' space is not easy! I sat on the toilet with Addy and Mckynzye sat beside me on her big girl stool while the dogs laid in front of us...and Sean of course paced outside the bathroom waiting for the tornado. HA. We sat there for 20 minutes...the girls just stared at each other...and finally Addy said "Ahh!" Mckynzye looked at me and said "Silly Addy." haha. At 3:45am we marched back upstairs put our two very awake and happy girls back in bed and without any tears everyone was back asleep within 10 minutes. We are so bless with such great girls with such great many 6 month and 2 year old's would have never fussed through a middle of the night adventure such as this...not many, that's for sure. Thank you Lord for my girls!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

...Remembering 5 years

Today is the 5th Anniversary of dads passing in Jamaica and I spent it with family. Grandma J, Sherry, Mom, Sister, and Sis-in-law all went to lunch together followed by an afternoon at the Monon Center Aqua Park for the younger generation as Granny babysat :) Thanks for the fun time girls. It was good to be together and keep busy!

Still lots of thinking though. Can't believe it’s been 5 years. So much has happened. 2 months after that unforgettable call Sean and I got married, moved to DC, bought a condo (which we still have and don't want!), got "grown-up" jobs, and lived the high life :) Year two we added our first furry family member, Nala, and continued to enjoy all our experiences in DC. Year three we added another furry family member, Roxy. Year four we had our first little girl, Mckynzye and moved back to Indiana. Now in year five we've added another little girl Addisyn and are trying to find the balance in our crazy busy lives but loving every minute of it.

I know you're watching it all from heaven, dad. Sending the girls kisses every minute of every day. I'm so glad they have you as their guardian angel. We think about you lots and miss you even more. Although I could write a book about what I miss my top 5 misses are:
5. Our daily phone calls and your pep talks that always reminded me to be hard working, never quit, and do my best
4. The time you cherished with your family the moment you walked through the doors
3. The love you showed every day towards mom (even though I was immature and never wanted to see it when I lived there - I now understand :) )
2. Your VERY FUNNY sense of humor all the time (even when it wasn't probably appropriate)
1. The great role model and man of faith you always were to EVERYONE in your path

Thanks dad for teaching me lots, all the great memories, for loving the Lord, and for being MY dad. I love you always!