Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Mcky's" Pee Pee

What another beautiful day! Church back home in Burlington with Kaicey and the whole family. It was great to see everyone! Then back home to enjoy more sunshine. "Mcky's", which is what Mckynzye calls herself since she can't say her name, climbed in her swimsuit as soon as we got home and again after her nap. The child loves it outside. After her nap we let her run around naked outside and then put her swimsuit on without a diaper...well, she refused the diaper. A few minutes later we notice her out in the middle of the yard squating like a dog...pretty sure she was trying to poop like Nala and Roxy. Nothing ever came of it and I quickly slapped a diaper on her. After a few more minutes of playing she steps off the patio and squats again...this time she pees like a dog for real :) HA - good thing potty training starts Thursday! Enjoy your Memorial Day and remember those who have gone before us.

~Shine like the Son ~

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