Friday, June 11, 2010

Still talkin bout it...

So Mckynzye has been in diapers for 1 day now and guess what the topic of the day has been..."Pee pees Poo Poos". This morning at breakfast she took her napkin and put two mandarin oranges in it and closed it. Then she unwrapped it and said "Ewwee! Poops!"

I also love how she continues to announce the fact that she is peeing or pooping. While playing in the sprinkler this afternoon she squatted and said "Pee pee". Then this evening she was shopping with her grocery cart and paused to say "Eww, pee pee" and continued to shop. HA!
Good day though - Drop 'the bug' off with great aunt and cousins for the weekend. Took Mcky to the airshow...she hasn't stopped talking about it! Came home and played at "the beach". Ordered pizza for the fam, made cookies with Mcky, and spendin time with the hubby. Tired but love life! Enjoy the weekend friends!

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