Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Family Tornado

Ugg! I'm so tired of these storms! And why in the middle of the night. I'm up watching the news half the night and its hard going on 3-4 hrs of sleep! Last night was our first real adventure and we actually 'acted' on our plan. Usually we get up and watch the news until the satellite goes out, and then we pace back and forth wondering if its really bad enough to get the girls out of bed. Well last night at 3:15 am the tornado warning was headed right our way, so Sean grabbed the dogs (or Nala would be buried in our bedroom closet and never come out!), and I grabbed the girls (and Scary Cat of course). We met in the downstairs bathroom which was entertaining in itself. Family of four + 2 dogs in a 4x2' space is not easy! I sat on the toilet with Addy and Mckynzye sat beside me on her big girl stool while the dogs laid in front of us...and Sean of course paced outside the bathroom waiting for the tornado. HA. We sat there for 20 minutes...the girls just stared at each other...and finally Addy said "Ahh!" Mckynzye looked at me and said "Silly Addy." haha. At 3:45am we marched back upstairs put our two very awake and happy girls back in bed and without any tears everyone was back asleep within 10 minutes. We are so bless with such great girls with such great personalities...how many 6 month and 2 year old's would have never fussed through a middle of the night adventure such as this...not many, that's for sure. Thank you Lord for my girls!

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