Monday, June 7, 2010

Update - Potty Training

Well I definitely wouldn't say she's potty trained in 3 days but she learned a lot and caught on quick! Today, day 5, she has had a couple accidents (including one BIG puddle in Home Goods), 1 successful potty so far, and a 1/2 successful poop. It was time for nap but I could tell she had to poo poos so we sat and sang on the potty forever! Nothing happened so to bed she went. I came downstairs to watch her on the video monitor and I hear "Panties ock (off)" and then I hear her open her door and say "Mommy, Mcky poo poos - Gross!" So I ran upstairs to find this...

Mckynzye with her panties in her hand staring at 2 large turds on her bedroom floor - "Gross" she says...HA - i tried not to laugh.

Overall she has been anticipating it much better and she has amazing bladder control. I am hopeful by the weeks end we will be well on our way!

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