Thursday, June 17, 2010

...Remembering 5 years

Today is the 5th Anniversary of dads passing in Jamaica and I spent it with family. Grandma J, Sherry, Mom, Sister, and Sis-in-law all went to lunch together followed by an afternoon at the Monon Center Aqua Park for the younger generation as Granny babysat :) Thanks for the fun time girls. It was good to be together and keep busy!

Still lots of thinking though. Can't believe it’s been 5 years. So much has happened. 2 months after that unforgettable call Sean and I got married, moved to DC, bought a condo (which we still have and don't want!), got "grown-up" jobs, and lived the high life :) Year two we added our first furry family member, Nala, and continued to enjoy all our experiences in DC. Year three we added another furry family member, Roxy. Year four we had our first little girl, Mckynzye and moved back to Indiana. Now in year five we've added another little girl Addisyn and are trying to find the balance in our crazy busy lives but loving every minute of it.

I know you're watching it all from heaven, dad. Sending the girls kisses every minute of every day. I'm so glad they have you as their guardian angel. We think about you lots and miss you even more. Although I could write a book about what I miss my top 5 misses are:
5. Our daily phone calls and your pep talks that always reminded me to be hard working, never quit, and do my best
4. The time you cherished with your family the moment you walked through the doors
3. The love you showed every day towards mom (even though I was immature and never wanted to see it when I lived there - I now understand :) )
2. Your VERY FUNNY sense of humor all the time (even when it wasn't probably appropriate)
1. The great role model and man of faith you always were to EVERYONE in your path

Thanks dad for teaching me lots, all the great memories, for loving the Lord, and for being MY dad. I love you always!


  1. Your dad was an amazing, funny and inspiring man of God. Beautiful post and top 5 list. Praying extra special prayers for you all tonight. Love you Kaleena!