Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Front Seat to God's Work

ILOVE church! But man, who knew that today would be...umm...I'm speechless. It was like having a front seat to the most amazing movie ever. I've never witnessed God working in such an obvious way! Indescribable! Awesome worship, awesome message - check it out - AWESOME response to the Call of Christ! Over 250 people GOT WET today! Some scheduled and some not at all! They just felt the call! The church had t-shirts made, black mesh shorts, and even extra underwear for those who had not scheduled their baptism. 100 was the goal but over 250 was a GOD thing! ...still gives me chills! Congrats to Kyle who was a part of it all, totally unscheduled! When God pulls at your heart it's hard to ignore! Lives were changed...baptized or just a witness. I've never seen my husband cry that hard before, except maybe at the end of Marley and Me :) (love you hubs!) It takes a lot for him to get emotional and I loved seeing it. I love that we found Traders Point. I love that it has made such a huge impact on our family and we love calling it home. I love that we love it together. And I love that we witnessed this God movement together.

Thank you God for your amazing work! Can't wait to see what's to come!

Great Great Weekend!

Conner Prairie with just our family. Art Festival with Nana. And Church!

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