Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Addy's first words

Addy woke up this morning saying Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad and never stopped all day long! It is so(see facebook for video) adorable! I'm glad she was such a happy baby today despite the 2 bottom teeth that just poked through last week and the two top teeth that are about to poke through any day. Ugg, poor girl! But always a happy bug!

Potty training round #2 for Mckynzye. This is the last try before preschool starts at the end of the month. Not such a good day. She is more stubborn than she was in early June. Very independent and wants no help at all with her big girl panties...At least she's potty training in style. Big girl panties and high heels! Can't wait to finally get her trained! Such an exhausting process!

We're so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy, always happy girls. Thanks you Lord for our special gifts!

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