Thursday, September 9, 2010

School Time!

Well we're in full swing routine! Preschool, MOPS, and lots of other fall activities. Mckynzye is LOVING preschool! Every day she has more and more to say. Today she told me they went PE with Mrs. Potts, sang songs, clapped hands, did a craft and counted, and scooped and poured noodles (played with pasta). She had her first accident in class - came out wearing a different outfit than I put on this AM. Snack today was cookies and juice boxes. Umm, this mom has NOT introduced the juice box and for good reason! Just like today! :) Well next week is Mckynzye's big week. She is snack person! We've got to find special snacks and she gets to be the big helper all day and even take in 'show-n-tell'! Stay tuned for her big day!

Oh and "The Bug". She's just tagging along like a good 2nd child :) She doesn't care much for the car rides back and forth all the time and is ready to move to Walker Farms so it's much shorter distance. She had a big week last week. Besides popping through 4 teeth in a matter of weeks she has learned to clapper her hands, shake her head no, dance, and say momma. Although she only says momma when she's upset.

They are two beautiful blessings :) Pray for me as Sean's busy season kicks in...long long days for me and the girls.

Here are some of my latest favorite pictures!

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