Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stories to Remember...

So I thought I would start this blog to track funny stories about my girls and keep family and friends updated on the latest in the White household. I'm terrible at keeping a baby book (now two baby books) and wanted to remember all these funny stories longer than a facebook status allows, so why not start a blog?!

The latest story...If you all know Mckynzye well enough you know she has the one and only love in her life - Scary Cat. Also, if you know how Mckynzye loves on Scary Cat you would know that she chews on his tail (which is so worn that it has had numerous amputation) Lately she has been sharing Scary Cat a lot with Addy. Addy likes to grab onto Scary and flop him around and hug him. This morning I heard Addy gagging...I look over to check on her and Mckynzye is proceeding to shove Scary's tail in Addy's mouth..."Addy eat Scary's tail." Gross!


  1. Congrats on the blog Kaleena! What a fun way to keep the memories. You know how I love my blogs. :)
    Addy eat Scary's tail...hahahaha. That's awesome!

  2. The blog looks great! :) Love the sand and the ocean! Also, that story is so cute! Avery and Lucy haven't really gotten attached to any of the animals or blankets, but it sounds like Mckynzye has a stuffed best friend! haha